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As a professional licensed Greek tourist guide since 1987. I guide in English, French, Italian and Greek. It will be my privilege to share with you what I've come to love and respect for over 20 years. The Greek heritage is so abundant that it is a challenge to pass this on to my guests in the few days (or hours) that we have to share. But I will do my very best.

My City is Athens. After the Olympics of 2004, Athens has been very much improved and became among the 'hot cities in Europe'. You will find deluxe or boutique hotels, various archaeological sites, many museums and Art Galleries. Maybe more than you may wish for. Apart from that jewelry workshops, theaters, concerts, fashion designers; all that makes Athens 'the city to be'.

As a result of all this Athens is among the most visited cities in the world.

My Country is Greece. Should you wish to visit any other part of my country besides Athens, I'd be delighted to be your host for the duration of your stay. Be it on an island or the mainland, combining touring, fun or interesting sites and don't forget: the best restaurants. All the hidden good spots that only the native Greeks know; join me for an unforgettable tour.

Suggestions: We can visit a city or combine it with a cruise or Island hopping! Together we can make the program you desire!

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